So You Take The Nootropic, But How Long Are You Focused For?

Modafinil is a drug that a lot of the college students, businesspeople, and also athletes take mostly because it helps them focus, it allows them to be eager to work, and it also helps treating sleepiness issues. This basically means that this “smart drug” is great for everyone who has a lot of things to do, but not enough time to do it, or for all of those people out there that need to learn new stuff that they just don’t find interesting – Modafinil helps them focus and learn things easier. Modafinil is also great for physical activity, because it makes you go out and do stuff.

But, every now and then, people start wondering about the drug – not about how good its effects are, or if it does indeed offer the things the creators of the drug said it would. No, the main issue that comes to mind, and especially to the mind of the people that have not yet started to take Modafinil, but are thinking about it is – how long does it last? How long can it offer the effects is does? How many hours can it make us feel as if we could take on the entire world? Well, that is something we set out to discover, and that is why we have gathered up a group of Modafinil users, and asked them a question or two.

On Average, It’s About 15 Hours

It is said that the half-life of Modafinil is 15 hours, and that’s how long its effects last, but that’s just the creators’ talk, and the people wish to know how much of that time is real drug effect, and how much is the rest. Most people would love for the drug to last for about 10 hours, because that is the amount of time that would allow them to achieve everything that they have set out to do with the help of Modafinil. Also, they say that after 10 hours of Modafinil effects they should be able to sleep just fine; sometimes the long effect of Modafinil can make people stay awake unwillingly. But, is 10 hours a bit of a stretch? Well, let’s find out.

One Modafinil user says that he has been taking a 200 mg dosage, and that it allows him to feel the effects of Modafinil from 5 to 7 hours, depending on the circumstances. However, this is only the time of the peak of the effect of Modafinil; it still has some after effect and could be felt for additional 3 to 4 hours, and sometimes even longer (again, depending on the circumstances). He says that taking Modafinil for a long period of time will cause your body to develop a rejection to the drug, and after a while the effectiveness of Modafinil will start to last less and less.

Some Users Of Modafinil Say Only 10 Hours!

Another Modafinil user say that the drug can have its effect on him for up to 10 hours. And that’s not all, because he says that there is an after effect which lasts for around 6 hours, and after that, he is completely beat and ready for sleep. However, this person has noted that he takes a 400 mg dosage of Modafinil, which is a bit too much for a regular Modafinil user, and especially for a beginner. Therefore, the effect that lasts for 10 hours is highly rare, and only occurs to those that take higher doses of this “smart drug”.

So, with everything said and done, we can come to a conclusion that the real effect of Modafinil usually lasts somewhere between 5 and 7 hours. This applies to all the user that have been taking the “regular” dose of 200 mg. But, theres still some after effect even after this time ends, and you can feel the effect of Modafinil for additional 3 to 4 hours. This means that the effect of Modafinil could be felt for 10 hours, but the real peak of the “smart drug” can only be felt for around 5 to 7 hours.

Higher Dosages Effect The Focus Time

Remember that the higher dosage equals higher Modafinil effect last, but it could also equal overdose for those that are not used to it. Make sure you consult a specialist before you start taking this “smart drug”, and see which dosage would be perfect for you.

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