Today we review the Modafinil selling site, Modafast.

First impressions are that is looks pretty spammy. The site has had no thought put into it, theres no contact us page, we couldn’t tell where the pills were being sourced from, they are selling weed and other random drugs on the site and to be honest, it is a bit of a mess…

When you check out, it literally looks like a random contact form, so you just don’t know what they are doing with your personal and credit card details! The site is also not even on it’s own domain name. They already lost our trust…

We placed an order none the less to test out this service once and for all.



Our order was received in 13 working days, but we presumed it was never going to turn up as we didn’t received a confirmation email or tracking code. It just appeared one day out of the blue!

2/10 – Delivery as they left us in the dark!



Basically non existent. We have to really hunt through their difficult to use site to find an email address that was a spammy looking email that we really weren’t happy messaging with our details once again. But, they did reply which was nice of them.

5/10 – Support as they did finally reply.


4/10 – If you are finding it hard to find Modafinil online and you don’t mind your details being sold to the black market, go to Modafast! I joke, I am really not sure what the site does in the way of security but we did receive products for them. As for their legitimacy, we didn’t feel safe… For peace of mind, we recommend going for a more reliable vendor online. But, they choice is up to you!