Today we review the Modafinil selling site, United Pharmacies.

The first impressions of the site were that is looks quite old and somewhat not legitimate. The site was easy to manage but still looked a bit dodgy. They had a phone number to call which was nice, but it went nowhere and when we checked our phone bill it actually costed us $2 for the disconnected call! Not off to a good start.

Upon checkout, we noticed they didn’t have an SSL certificate present on the site. Again, this prods questions as to whether their site is legitimate or not. With no certificate on the site, the information is not encrypted, therefore you don’t know what they are doing with your credit card information. They already lost our trust…

We placed an order none the less to test out this service once and for all.



While most vendors have free delivery, United Pharmacies charge a whopping £21 for express delivery! While the prices seem OK on the front end, when you go to checkout, you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise to say the least. Regardless, our order was received in 17 working days, despite choosing the express option.

3/10 – Delivery as they overcharged and under delivered!


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Since the phone number didn’t work, we were not impressed by the support at all. They did reply in a day via email but even then it was basic and not very useful.

5/10 – Support as they did finally reply.


4/10 – If you are looking for a reliable, fast and cost effective Modafinil vendor, we do not recommend United Pharmacies to you. They seem cheap on the front end, but when you go to checkout, you’ll be in for a surprise. Maybe you can kiss goodbye to your credit card information, we can’t but sure, but there are a few other vendors we would use over these guys.